Color Combination (Colorway) Descriptions

There are two selections to make when you buy something from MoreSue – Color Combinations (or colorways), and Patterns – You can choose a set of  colors that we’ve developed, choose your own set of 1, 2, or 3 colors, or choose a Custom Colorway by description or by sending an image containing the colors you desire.  As you can see below, the colorways vary a bit between applications, with each type of fabric, and with the pattern.   Below are examples of each colorway, as well as some examples of Custom Colorways I’ve created with and for clients.

We dye and “spin” each item by hand – so each and every item will be individual and unique. Because we hand dye your order when we get it from you, your finished item won’t look exactly like any example on this site.  Your selected design and colors will be used, and applied with care and intent – and each item will have subtle differences that make each piece we make a unique and beautiful piece of art.


Light, natural greens accented with medium green and highlights of red. Imagine light filtering through stands of lush bamboo.


Sky blue, sea green, turquoise with accents of sandy brown.  Inspired by tropical beaches, a delicious combination of cool bright colors.

Deep Forest

Deep greens and browns with accents of lighter greens and browns.  Dark rich, warm colors inspired by the shadows of great trees.

Deep Peacock

Deep blue, purple, and teal highlighted in gold and touches of dark brown.  Deep, vibrant, bright colors inspired by peacock feathers.

Light Peacock

Medium blue, turquoise/teal, and lavender with touches of gold.  A softer, lighter version of peacock.

Purple Rain

Jewel toned and bright purple with lavender and highlights of deep fuschia.  A vibrant celebration of Purple!


Pinks, light orange, and lavender with gold and sky blue accents.  Vibrant, glowing colors inspired by a bright sunrise.


Golds, oranges, and reds with purple accents.  Vibrant, glowing colors inspired by sunsets.


Bright jewel-tone colors laid out into the selected pattern, in the order of the rainbow: Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red.  Specify in the “Additional Info” text box, if you wish for a special rainbow (pastels or dark colors)

Variations on 1 to 3 colors

We’ll riff on variations of your selected colors.  Name one or two colors in the “Additional Info” field, and add any other notes (for example, indicate if you want all dark, dark and light, or light colors. Or if you want Warm (leaning toward yellower versions of your colors) or Cool (leaning toward bluer versions of your colors).

Spiral Variations
Example of the Colorway “Variations on 1 to 3 colors” with Blue and Green, lights and darks requested
Examples of socks with Color Variations


Follow the Custom Color Instructions to choose a complex color combination or provide a reference image for inspiration.
Custom color (beyond choosing up to 3 colors and one of our patterns with a variation or two)  costs a bit more, dependent on what product we’ll be dyeing for you.  We love creating custom combinations inspired by a piece of art or photo, to match your home decor, or a favorite funky combination!

custom jeweltone sheets with "fun" pattern
These custom sheets were made with the Color Combination instructions “Rich Deep Colors, but no Orange or Yellows” and Pattern “Go wild! make them fun!”
This Custom Color combination was requested as “inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night, with more purple in the sky” Here’s the result… Starry Night Robe