There are two ways to order a custom-dyed More Sue! creation:

1. Hand-pick Colors and/or Pattern,
2. Image Inspiration.

Once you’ve picked & described your custom colors & patterns, We’ll review your submission and contact you before we dye your garment, to confirm that we’re on the same wavelength about what you want and to ensure that your piece will come out calling your name. Please note that custom creations are not returnable unless there are manufacturing defects in the item.  That said, we’ll do our very best to ensure that you love the outcome!


Hand-picked Colors and/or Pattern

In the “Additional Info” text box, type your selections for each of these aspects of your custom color/pattern combination.
If you want us to decide for you (aside from choosing colors and patterns),  just write “no preference”.

1.     Colors – Name between 2 and 8 colors, as clearly as possible (see examples below for ideas).

2.    Pattern – Name one of our patterns (or a combination), or describe a pattern idea.

3.    Color balance – Name which colors are the main colors (these will cover more of the space) and which are highlights (just a little here and there)?

4.    Warm or cool Tones – Do you want it Warm (leaning toward yellower tones) or cool (leaning toward bluer tones) or a combination?

5.     Color depth – do you want jewel tones, pastels, brights, darks, or a combination of some of these?


Image Inspiration

The possibilities are endless!  We’ll create a piece of art that is inspired by your inspiration image.

First: upload an image file that you’d like the colors for this creation to be based upon.

Then, in the “Additional Info” text box:

1.     Pattern  – Type “Use for pattern” if you want the pattern to be inspired by the image as well as the colors.

2.    If not using image for pattern – Name one of our patterns (or a combination), or describe a pattern idea.

3.    Type in any other information – add as much detail as you can; we’ll let you know what’s possible when we contact you.

When we contact you to confirm that we understand your request, we may have a few questions or offer a choice between approaches to your idea, so we urge you to respond quickly to allow us to get started.  Please note that the colors in the final garment will likely not be *exactly* the same as the photo looks on your monitor – due to dye variation and differences between our monitors – but we will do our best to catch the color and spirit of your inspiration image.  Please state clearly if you want us to try to exactly match colors.



Color Choice examples:

Choosing colors can be as simple or complex as you want it to be – all we need is for you to name a set of colors for us to play with.  We usually will select a couple of tones of each of your colors to work with, so light *and* dark in any of the colors works just fine.  We’re happy to riff and play with a broad description, but if you have something specific in mind, please give us as much detail as you can!  Don’t be afraid to combine things you like together but don’t see often; some of the coolest combinations come about that way!

You may start with basic colors for us to riff on: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Brown, Purple, Orange, Turquoise, Black

Try to use descriptive color names if you have more specific colors or tones within a basic color in mind, here are some examples:

Blue: baby blue, sapphire, periwinkle, navy, robin’s egg, gray-blue
Green: emerald, forest, chartreuse, moss, avocado, gray-green
Red: fire engine, tomato, blood-red, scarlet, fuchsia, baby pink, hot pink
Yellow: golden, lemon, dark yellow
Brown: maroon-brown, chocolate, rust-brown, greeny-brown, purply-brown, palomino, beige
Purple: plum, blackberry, lavender, red-purple, blue-purple, mauve, lilac
Turquoise: bright turquoise, teal, teal blue, teal green

NOTE that these are just ideas to get you started – feel free to use your own words!!

Examples of Hand Picked

custom jeweltone sheets with "fun" pattern
These custom sheets were made with the Color Combination instructions “Rich Deep Colors, but no Orange or Yellows” and Pattern “Go wild! make them fun!”


Examples of  Image Inspiration

Inspiration Image: Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Result – request was to add purple to the sky color… Starry Night Robe