About Us

We bring delicious, wearable art into everyone’s world, but we don’t do it at the expense of our core values. We want you to be overwhelmingly happy with your purchase, and part of that is knowing you’re supporting small, local businesses, jobs in the US, and fair trade everywhere. When you purchase from us, you become a part of our extended family and we value and nurture that relationship.

 More Sue!

More Sue!  came about because one woman, Sue Tinney, chose to embrace her lifelong love of color and art, and a whole community of friends chose to support her, chanting “More Sue!”.  Sue realized that a phrase that started as a joke reflected her values: buying “local”, supporting your community, and remembering what gives you joy.  This work is about wearing your colors – flying your flag – being yourself.  We hope with all our hearts that ‘MoreSue!’ can embolden you to be More You!

About our garment and accessory blanks

Sweat shops suck, so we’ve worked hard to find suppliers that don’t use them. We look for fair trade, quality blanks so you can buy with a clear conscience.  We’re a pretty small fish in this pond, so sometimes it means that we can’t carry everything we’d like to, or that we can’t carry all the sizes we’d like – but wherever we can, we will work hard to carry high quality garments in the best range of sizes we can, and we look hard for clothes that look good on a lot of shapes and sizes, so real people can wear them.

 About our dyes and fabrics

We want your purchase to be easy to care for and stay vibrant. We use the best Procion fiber reactive dye we can find. It’s color-fast and washable, so you can enjoy your garment for years with just a little bit of extra care. Check the individual products for care instructions.

For items ordered using the “MoreSue Color Combinations” and “MoreSue Patterns”, we use the same dye colors and techniques to produce a product that is reasonably close to our pictures. However, note that the same dye color can vary in tone and saturation depending on the dye lot, the type of fabric, and how it’s applied. Bamboo and rayon take dye much more readily than cottons, which results in deeper, richer colors, while on cotton those same colors can be less vibrant or a little different. Silk uses a totally different process, and so the colors will not match those on cotton or rayon. Patterns also will be subtly and beautifully different from one garment to the next.

 Your product will be a unique piece of art!

Our products are all hand-dyed to order, and each one is unique. Patterns will vary slightly from what is pictured, but the same dye colors will be used. We dye and “spin” each item by hand – so each and every item will be individual and unique. Because we hand dye your order when we get it from you, your finished item won’t look exactly like any example photo on this site.  Your selected design and colors will be used, and applied with care and intent – and each item will have subtle differences that make each piece we make a unique and beautiful piece of art.

Each is a one-of-a-kind work of art and will resemble the photo but have its own unique characteristics.

These garments are made to order, so please pay attention to sizing charts when ordering.


Estimated Processing Time

Processing time for the average order is ten to fifteen business days — each product is hand dyed to order in the size you select. Most orders will be on the quicker side of our estimate. You will receive a shipping notification with a tracking number and estimated arrival time, when your product is completed and on its way to you. The time it takes for us to custom-dye your functional or wearable art varies. We’ve been doing this for a while, so we’re efficient and the process goes pretty quickly.  Even so, there is a fixed amount of time it takes to prepare, dye, process, set, wash & dry, and then package up your item. We won’t take shortcuts that impact our ability to create a quality product.

If you need your order sooner than our estimated time of 2 to 3 weeks, contact us. We can let you know the timing that’s possible for this item before you order, and will do our best to get it to you on time.  In some cases we may not be able to get the blank from our provider in time, and so may not be able to rush a specific item.


Currently we use first class and Priority Mail shipping only from the website, because within the US it provides 1 to 3 day shipping to most areas; if you prefer (or require) another shipping method, or to ship outside the US, contact us and we can arrange alternate shipping and let you know about any additional charges.


Return Policy

We’re happy to honor returns of products that are defective.  To return an order, please Contact us to arrange the return.

Because of the nature of our products, unless they arrive damaged or defective on arrival, I can’t accept returns for:

  • “Custom” colorway orders — Please pay special attention to the sizing charts.
  • Sale items
  • Anything that has been worn or washed


Privacy Policy

We hate spam and don’t sell to *ANY* mailing lists!  We will only use your shipping and billing address, and contact information to:

  • Communicate with you about your order
  • Fulfill your order

If you want to hear about news and special promotions, opt-in to our mailing list when you place your order, or sign up here.