Shopping Bags Sunrise Spiral, Deep Peacock Horiz Ribbons
color_combinationsMoreSue Pattern ChoicesShopping BagsShopping Bags Sunrise Spiral, Deep Peacock Horiz RibbonsShopping Bags, stuffedShopping BagsShopping bag in color: Beach, Pattern: Peacock.  Your hand dyed garment will not look exactly like the one in this photo. It will be made using the same design and same colors, with subtle differences that make each pattern a unique and beautiful piece of bag, showing inner bag

Shopping Bags


Durable, light, useful, and beautiful!  These useful bags are so handy you’ll want a bag full!



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This 100% cotton tote bag comes pre-stuffed into its own attached pocket! Once you unpack it, the pocket lays inside and works great for keys and phones. Then just stuff the tote back into that little pocket for storage; a neat little 4.5″ x 4.5″ square. keep one or two in the car glove box for those times you forget to bring totes to the store, or keep one in your handbag, or heck…keep one everywhere!

Made in: CHINA (CN)


Machine wash with like colors cold or warm, tumble dry.  For the first few washes, avoid leaving wet clothes sitting, as you may have a little color-bleed into other garments. These may fade a little over time if washed hot, but they can take it, and still last a good long time!

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Weight 2.5 oz

Dapples, Peacock, Spirals, Vee Ribbons, Diagonal Ribbons, Horizontal Ribbons, Vertical Ribbons, Bamboo, Custom

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Rainbow, Purple Rain, Beach, Bamboo, Deep Forest, Deep Peacock, Light Peacock, Sunrise, Sunset, Variations on one to three colors, Custom


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