Remember that over-used maxim, “It takes a village”?  Well, it really does take a village, a community, to really nurture us – and to a large extent, the internet really is the landscape that our villages are built on these days.  I am so fortunate to be a part of a larger community of artists, musicians, activists, and extremely talented professional folks who support and acknowledge and help each other – and I encourage all of you to realize, and find, and support your village, and to join ours.

I also feel strongly that two of the significant things we can do to make the world a better place are:

  1. support local business and people who make things with their hands
  2. buy and share art…

So as part of my contribution to making the world a better place, I encourage you to fill your life with handmade things, with art and with functional stuff that gives you joy to use – and support real people in the process!

Here’s at least a part of the network of folks who inspire me by Doing It – and who support my work in so many ways.  My Village.  Some are here in Washington State, but a gratifying number are further out – in the US, Europe, Canada, and places more exotic.  Some I know well, and some I still haven’t met in person but really want to…  Check them out!
– Love, Sue of

Chris Bingham –

This is the soundtrack of our life here at MoreSue – The music of Bone Poets Orchestra and Gaia Consort; Psychedelic Chamber Rock!  Chris is a wonderful composer, deep thinker, and poet – my muse my life partner. One of the centers of my universe and certainly my village!

Coppermoon Advanced retreat Center –

Advance your Awesome!

Wildwood Innovative Enterprises –

Bring out your Awesome!

Find and nurture that spark in your life and career. As a coach, I help you explore, experiment, and learn your way forward. Eliminate the barriers that stand in your way and move toward action to make your dreams a reality. Bring out the awesome in yourself!

Lisa Sheets –

A truly wonderful artist – trained as a sculptor and printmaker and currently working in collage on wood panel and mixed media.

Sherry Kirk –

‘Fancy-dancy functional art pottery’  – Sherry’s work is really lovely -hand thrown pottery with inspired glazing and design.

BaubleYaga’s Hut –

Handcrafted glass, stone, bamboo, and crystal jewelry and accessories for witches, wordsmiths, and wise women with a literary bent.

SoulFood Coffeehouse in Redmond, WA –

SoulFood isn’t your average coffee house. We hearken back to community spaces of old where kindred spirits gathered to slowly sip a warm beverage and escape the day.

Here, delicious drinks are only the beginning. Walk through our doors and you’ll instantly see why we’re shattering expectations by bringing smiles, sustainability, and social connection together in one shop.

Payne Junker studio

(Payne Junker Studio on Facebook) – Vermont Metal Artist for 30 Years working in Iron, stainless steel, and Bronze
public and private installations.  custom fireplace doors, lighting, railing, gates.

More to come…